Like all machines, your 3D printer will develop problems from time to time, perhaps producing poor print results or not working at all. When you are new to 3D printing, one of the main concerns is what to do if something goes wrong, how do you identify the problem and fix it so that your printer can be up and running again as quickly as possible?

The good news it that many problems, although alarming at first, can be fixed relatively easily with minimal expertise and there is a plethora of very good online technical support available to help you. The difficulty lies in knowing what to look for and where to look, as scouring online help sources can be time-consuming and confusing.

This guide has been developed by The CREATE Education Project to provide an overview of some of the common 3D printing issues you may experience with the Ultimaker range of printers. For each issue it will provide an explanation of why you might be experiencing the problem, the steps you can take to fix it and include links to recommended online videos and help sources to get further support. The guide covers:

  • Printer setup.
  • Checking & aborting prints.
  • Basic maintenance.
  • Common 3D printing problems – how to identify and solve the problems.
  • How to access further help and support.

We have published the guide as a handy downloadable PDF, this will allow you to print it out and have it by your side as a valuable reference. The guide contains lots of useful links to specific further information and resources. If you have the PDF open on your computer or device, you can click on the links directly from the PDF to open the resources.

In The Classroom

This is a professional development resource to support you in 3D printing in the classroom, allowing you to troubleshoot and fix common 3D printing problems.

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