The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Joseph Fox, 3D Hub Technician at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School for sharing this project idea.

The project was developed for the AQA 8552 Design Technology 2017 GCSE Specification, but it would be suitable for any of the KS4 GCSE or Scottish Higher Design Technology qualifications. This project could also be used for relevant FE courses.

The aim of the project is for students toĀ use CAD and 3D printers to design and manufacture a USB. This project will involve CAD techniques, ergonomics, and tolerances for mechanisms/components.

Project Overview

The activity/project will require 3 key stages which consist of; research, design and manufacture. The research will determine what design will be carried forward for example is a brand inspiring the design. The design will need to be completed on CAD software such as SolidWorks so that .STL files can be taken for 3D printing. Then finally 3D printing will be used to create prototypes and the final product. This will educate modern technologies and processes to students which will be useful in future projects.

The outcome should be a high quality functional unique USB cover which if bought could implement an actual flash drive for use.

Project Links

This Project Idea was developed by Joseph Fox, 3D hub Technician at Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School.

The Project was developed for the AQA 8552 GCSE Design Technology qualification and covers the following elements of the specification:

  • Awareness to increasingly successful technology today.
  • Opportunity to work creatively while applying technical and practical expertise.
  • Adding to a range of processes/equipment/materials.
  • Understanding of: Industry, Enterprise, Sustainability, People, Culture, Society, Environment, Production techniques and systems, different types of movement, polymers.
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Incorporating 3D Printing

When creating USBā€™s on CAD the designs are limitless. This is also an opportunity to seek inspiration from existing products or use a brand/company to design for. These are just some examples of the possible routes this project/activity can go down.

Because 3D printing technology is available almost every design will be achievable. Consideration needs to be given to the dimensions of the electrical components for the flash drive to fit inside the casing design. As well as this the mechanisms used to hold the casing together will need to be thought about. There is room to glue parts together but an alignment issue may be a problem unless something helps with this.

The beneficial outcomes to this project is the skills used to create functional creative designs which teach CAD skills as well as tolerances to make designs actually work when 3D printed. Consideration for mechanisms will help understand the use of different materials and joints that can be used to get the final product to work. On top of this the students have their own personalized USB.

About Project Ideas

Project Ideas” are a series of ideas shared by the CREATE Education Project toĀ provide inspiration and a starting point for students to develop their own projects that utilise 3D printing for prototyping and/or to enhance the final solution.

Many of the ideas shared would provide suitable starting points for students in Further or Higher Education who are undertaking their own personal projects, allowing them to adapt and extend the projects to develop new outcomes. Some of theseĀ projects could also be tackled in a similar way by high school students undertaking individual project work.

Alternatively suitable projects could be selected by teachers and assigned to teams of students in a project based learning approach.Ā A series of editable templates and resources have been developed to support the project based learning approach.Ā These include:

  • Project Planning Templates – A series of editable templates for course leaders or teachers to use when planning student projects.
  • Presentation Templates – A series of editable PowerPoint slides for course leaders or teachers to use for presenting project stages to groups of students.
  • Student Project Worksheets – A series of editable worksheets for individuals or groups of students to use for planning and documenting their projects.

These resources can be downloaded by clicking the linksĀ in the rightĀ column.

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