Steve Cox very kindly shared a presentation on showing some very useful ways to use Cura, giving ideas on how you can make your 3D Printing experience better!

This presentation covers

  • Reviewing the layer stack
  • How to vary Shell Thickness
  • How to use infill efficiently
  • 3D Printing from 2D images and more

In The Classroom

This is a professional development resource to allow you to learn some of the features of Cura in order to more effectively deliver 3D Printing in the classroom. It is not a general classroom resource, however it may be useful at the stage when students are working independently to print their own designs. Specific slides can be presented to the students to develop their understanding of using Cura to check and fine tune their designs before printing. It also contains some great tips for minimising the amount of filament used and print times, saving valuable time and money.

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