This lesson and resources were kindly shared with the CREATE Education Project by Caroline Keep at the SPARK Makerspace, Penketh High School.

This lesson explores the big picture “What makes up a 3D shape?” and introduces some of the foundation concepts required for 3D design and modelling.

Learning Objectives:

LO1 What makes a 3D shape? interpret plans and elevations of 3D shapes construct and interpret plans and elevations of 3D shapes

LO2 How are complex shapes built? Construct and draw complex shapes using isometric and exploded modelling  freehand sketching, isometric and perspective. 2D and 3D drawings and annotated drawings that explain conceptual stages of designing.

LO3 Design Challenge. Design a 3D shape include a detailed mesh and freehand sketch with mathematical modelling. Draw the diagrams from written description and then storyboard the stages of this design.

The comprehensive resources include a lesson plan, lesson presentation, AfL questions and student worksheets/learning mats. Also included is the Ultimaker Robot STL file to print as a learning aid to assist students in the final task.

The CREATE Education Project would like to thank Caroline Keep for developing these lesson resources and sharing them with the CREATE Education community.

In The Classroom

This lesson provides a perfect introduction to some of the foundation concepts around 3D shapes and is ideal for introducing 3D modelling to students prior to introducing 3D printing.

Please note: In the lesson presentation the Ultimaker Robot on slides 13 and 14 is an embedded 3D model file. You can click on the robot and drag the cursor to rotate the robot to see different views of it.