Classroom Prints

Why buy expensive resources when you can print your own for a fraction of the cost?

With a 3D Printer in school you have a low cost solution for equipping classrooms with physical teaching resources and equipment.

By printing your own resources, you no longer have to share limited resources between large groups of students, just print more sets to enable individuals or small groups to access a copy of each resource. Normally, when parts of a resource are lost or broken, you would have to find budget to purchase a replacement or manage without. With 3D Printed resources you can simply print them!

Thanks to the huge 3D Printing community generously sharing their work, we have hundreds of 3D Print designs to share with you for free and the library keeps growing…

If you create or find any good classroom prints please contact us with details to allow us to share it with the community. Also please share your ideas for useful classroom prints – we will try to create or source print files for the best ideas.