Project Ideas

“Project Ideas” are a series of ideas shared by us to provide a starting point for students to develop their own projects that utilise 3D printing for prototyping and/or to enhance the final solution.

Many of the ideas can provide suitable starting points for students in Further or Higher Education who are undertaking their own personal projects, allowing them to adapt and extend the projects to develop new outcomes.

Some of these projects could also be tackled in a similar way by high school students undertaking individual project work. Alternatively suitable projects could be selected by teachers and assigned to teams of students in a project based learning approach.


A series of editable templates and resources have been developed to support the project based learning approach. These include:

  • Project Planning Templates – A series of editable templates for course leaders or teachers to use when planning student projects.
  • Presentation Templates – A series of editable PowerPoint slides for course leaders or teachers to use for presenting project stages to groups of students.
  • Student Project Worksheets – A series of editable worksheets for individuals or groups of students to use for planning and documenting their projects.

The resources can be downloaded below.

Project Ideas