About 3D Slash?

3D Slash is a very easy 3D CAD program to learn to use with a simple interface, perfect for children and non-designers. The way 3D Slash works makes it feel like a Minecraft game. Users start with a solid cube of material, then they use various tools such as hammer to “slash” away (or rebuild) parts of the cube to create their 3D model.

3D Slash is web based and schools and students can access the free version of the software simply by registering on the site. A premium version of the software is also available with a purchasable school plan, this includes a desktop version and app version along with more of the software features enabled. This also includes a teacher dashboard that allows you to create and manage student accounts and access and share students work.

We recommend 3D Slash for primary schools as it is very easy to get started with and even KS1 children can access the software with it’s simple interface. However although simple to learn, the software has some more advanced features that give it the capability to produce more complex designs. The advanced features include the ability to model in higher precision, sculpt shapes using an image or a photograph, insert rounded shapes, .stl or .obj files into a model and project pictures or text on a model, and use them as a decal.

Learn 3D Slash

There are a number of online resources available to help teachers and students to learn 3D Slash

The 3D Slash website contains a tutorials section, which contains a series of 10 short video tutorials to help students master the basics of the software. Students can work their way through these in their own time to learn the software basics and develop their CAD skills.

In addition to the tutorials there are also a number of 3D Slash Workshops available that students can work through at their own pace to design a specific 3D model. Most of these are accompanied by Slideshare documents for use in delivering the activities as a lesson.

Finally, more tutorial videos can be accessed through the 3D Slash YouTube Channel.