About Gravity Sketch?

Gravity Sketch is a really easy 3D CAD program to learn to use, the app has a simple interface and users simply draw their design with a finger on the touch screen. Twisting and tilting the iPAD allows users to view the model in 3D and it also includes augmented reality for visualisation.

The Gravity Sketch App for iPADs can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store

We recommend Gravity Sketch for students in upper KS2 and upwards as it is very easy to get started, younger children could even access this with support. However although simple to learn, this does not limit the scope of the software to produce complex designs, so it can be used for all ages and ability levels. Gravity Sketch is much more suited to artistic projects than many of the traditional CAD software programs because of the way sketches are produced using the touch screen interface of the iPAD.

The process of retrieving designs from iPADs for slicing is relatively simple and CREATE Education have produced a step-by-step guide showing how to do this (see below).

Learn Gravity Sketch

The best way to learn Gravity Sketch is to visit the Learn Section of the Gravity Sketch website. If you scroll down towards the bottom of the page there is a section titled Learn iOS Mobile containing links to a series of You Tube videos. Each video is a short tutorial showing how to use a specific feature of the app.

Alternatively you can visit the Gravity Sketch You Tube Channel, here they have over a hundred short video tutorials. However these are organised into useful playlists including getting started, learn Gravity Sketch and how to 3D sketch tutorials.