Jack Broughton

I’m Jack Broughton and I first came to Ultimaker to purchase a 3d printer to aid with my studies at university and also for use in my many many hobbies such as drone flying/racing, remote control vehicles, gadgets and gizmos. So the passion for 3d printing happened before even starting to work at the company. Since then the passion has increased dramatically with the amount of crazy things people are doing with the Ultimaker machines and the open source development. With the CREATE Education Project we are keen to share those things with you and my role here is to support teachers, by giving them the technical know-how to succeed with 3d printing the classroom.

As a keen Archer, I am always looking to be as precise and accurate as possible, hence the reason for choosing an Ultimaker 3d printer for the studies as the accuracy, repeatability and reliability are the best for its class.

I am very privileged to be working alongside the create education project as a full time employee within community development and technical support. The best thing about the create education project is that all the resources are completely free of charge.  I’m sure you will agree that 3d printing will be the way forward in the future of education.