Michelle Chatterley

Email: m.chatterley@createeducation.com

Position: Leader

Since my baptism of fire introduction to 3D Printing in 2013 I have been increasingly passionate about providing access to future technologies to our next generation.  I’m a Mum and I want to inspire all young people to see a future without limitations, to think and not be told what to think, to be creative.  I firmly believe we have an obligation to ensure our education system provides young people with the skills they will require to fill the positions and grab the opportunities our industries will offer as new technologies become more widely utilised and developed. Having qualified in Business & Finance I went on to spend many years in a large multi-national corporate company.  My experience gave me the skills to run a successful business specialising in business development, customer service and employee development….this business was however rather dull so I could not be happier to able to transfer these skills to the exciting world of 3D Printing.  To be part of a young company with a strong work ethic and a real family feeling is very fulfilling and to be able to share the technological developments so that our children can be skilled to enter the workforce of the future makes every day AWESOME!