Ultimaker Webinar – How to select temperature resistant materials for FFF

How does temperature affect materials at various stages of 3D printing?

How does temperature exposure impact a material?

How can you plan for better temperature performance?

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn more about the role temperature plays in 3D printing materials from Ultimaker’s 3D printing filament engineering experts.

Free Ultimaker Webinar | Wednesday, 28th October

The 45-minute webinar will run as two sessions at the following times:

  • 1o am GMT
  • 4 pm GMT

Session Outline:

  • A baseline kick-off on polymer science topics for FFF 3D printing materials.
  • Tips on how to identify and address material requirements for manufacturing and prototyping projects.
  • The role temperature and temperature-related engineering properties play in selecting materials for FFF.
  • News on how certified materials will impact future serial production applications that use FFF 3D printing.
  • Inspiring industrial application practices in manufacturing and engineering.

Attend live to join the conversation and get your questions answered.

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